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Most people think about divorce. Here’s how to know if your spouse is.

by | Sep 9, 2021

Have you ever wondered if your spouse is thinking about divorce? Maybe there haven’t been any major changes in life, but you’re just worried that they’re thinking of ending the relationship. How do you know without asking them and causing the situation to escalate?

First off, studies have indicated that the majority of married people do think about divorce. So, statistically speaking, it’s likely that your spouse has already considered it, at least in passing. It’s very common, even with people who ultimately stay together.

Now, how can you know if your spouse is actively considering it? It’s important to look for common signs. Though nothing is a perfect indicator, if you see some of these signs, it could mean divorce will happen soon.

Your spouse won’t work to fix issues and won’t even argue

Couples who used to have a lot of conflict may get used to it. When that conflict ends, you think things are getting better. The truth could be that your spouse has given up arguing and trying to fix the marriage because they are just going to leave it.

You tend to disagree on serious things, like money

Remember that many divorce cases revolve around money. Financial stress leads to the split. If your spouse starts becoming angry about how you use money or using it without talking to you — knowing you won’t approve — that could mean you’re getting closer to a split.

Your relationship just isn’t the same

This is a bit harder to pin down, but you’ll know it when you see it. Maybe you spend less time together and more time at work or with friends. Maybe you still sleep in the same bed, but you’re never intimate. Perhaps you just don’t enjoy spending time together and you can tell your spouse is always preoccupied on the phone or thinking about being elsewhere.

What if you do get divorced?

So, what if all of this does lead to a divorce? It can be complicated, and it can really define your future. Make sure you know what legal steps you’ll need to take.

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